How to Reach at the Top Using SEO Techniques?

How Long Will It Take for My Keywords to Rank

Every digital marketing company faces this question more often than not. But clients need to understand that multiple factors affect the rankings. It is quite difficult to secure that top spot given that so many companies are competing to reach there using the white hat as well as black hat digital marketing techniques.

Nevertheless, at the same time, there is absolutely no reason to give up on your hopes. Multiple tried and tested tricks and ways help you improve your search engine rankings.With these proven ways, you can definitely bring your business on the first page.

Do you want to know about the factors that affect the speed of ranking? Let us help you out!

1. Domain age

When a site is old enough, it tends to get more credibility with Google. Only 22% of the ranked sites in Google are less than a year old. So, if your website is new, or it is competing for a high volume keyword, then you are bound to face blockages. You always need to keep in mind that SEO is a long-term concept. You need to follow SEO techniques for a long time to find success.

2. Site optimisation

There are multiple ways to optimise your website on Google. You can make your website responsive. Most of the people nowadays prefer to browse using their smartphones. Also, Google has the feature to switch to Mobile-first indexing. Therefore, your website should be compatible with all devices. Also, make sure that your website remains organised for Google crawlers as well as the end-users.

3. Keyword competition

You should have a fair idea of the SEO keywords that you are trying to rank as well as the level of competition that they will be facing out there. Either use a tool or hire a professional SEO expert to do the research work for you. Use the effective keywords in your image captions, headers, title, and alt text. Do not forget to choose a secondary keyword or long-tail keyword to increase your chances.

4. Domain quality

You must stay away from black hat SEO techniques. These tricks work only in a short time. But in the long run, you may be penalised by Google. There is no room for cheating in the SEO game.

5. Quality content

Come up with engaging, informative, and top-notch content that makes the lives easier for your visitors. And update fresh content often.

Remember that longevity is the catch when it comes to SEO. Look for a SEO agency Gregory Hills, that can help you with white hat SEO techniques and take your site to the peak with time.

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