Importance of Local SEO – Now and Forever

Importance of Local SEO

Businesses often have a huge budget to invest in large scale marketing campaigns and do every possible thing to make it big. Despite spending bags of dollars, they see competitors generating more revenue.


Because they are locally visible!

Irrespective of your business is online or offline, local visibility of your business works. What does all this mean? We are talking about listing your business for Local SEO.

What is it exactly?

Popularly known as local search engine marketing, that helps you market your service to customers geographically. In simple words, it markets your business to customers who are near you. Let’s understand this with an example –

Let’s say your potential customer types – “Restaurants near me”. What happens next? The local search results will show up giving this customer multiple options. So, if your business is optimized for Local SEO, there is a probability that you’ll make a sale here.

Is it not for those who are already optimizing their website for SEO?

Well, if you are thinking, you already have an SEO activity running perfect and you do not need this, then you need to rethink. Standard SEO is completely different from setting up a local business listing.

What needs to be done?

1.      Google Business Listing

Let your SEO expert work on making you visible for local search results. This may involve building a business profile, requesting your customers to post reviews, etc. Now, why are reviews important? Customers end to avail of a service from a brand that has a better user experience. Hence, your business must have positive reviews from people who have already taken your service.

What’s more with Local SEO?

Business Listing is also integrated with Google Map. So, when a customer reaches you using a map, you know how serious the lead is. Isn’t it? Another advantage with Local SEO is it doesn’t work only when the customer is near. The mechanism is beyond what we can think.

Let say, you are sitting in Sydney and you want to look for a flower shop in Queensland. That’s how it works.

2.      Social Media Presence

Social media has the leverage to tap your customers near you. Ask your SEO expert and Social Media expert to work on this piece together. Don’t ignore the social media advance ad feature that gives enough leverage to choose your audience geographically.

While results don’t show up overnight, you need to keep working on this. We hope the tips provided will help you plan your strategy for Local SEO.

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