Top Digital Marketing Trends 2017

Digital Marketing Trends 2017

We all know that the web platform is turning into the major marketing platform. With the rise in the number of mobile users, the scope associated with digital or online marketing is definitely getting better and better.

Marketing agencies are leaving no stone unturned to cash in the opportunity. Everyone wants to get in touch with their potential customers. So, it can be said that the trends are changing quite rapidly, and in order to stay in the limelight, it is essential to know about the top digital marketing trends.

A look into the digital marketing trends of 2017

Till now, Google has been the major search engine for looking out for information about any product or service. But, in the coming days, even Face book and Twitter are going to join the platform. Face book and Twitter will be used by the online users for searching and buying products or services. For those who do not know, Face book has already started testing its search engine. The amalgamation of search engine and social media would be quite interesting for the users.

#1 Snapchat for ads– Like we all know Snapchat is an app that lets the users to take pictures or record videos and send them to any other user in their contact list. So, companies are thinking about using Snapchat as a tool to reach their target audience. The ads would come along with an expiry date, and in this way the ads will not eat up the memory space of the smart phone user.

#2 Video streaming based marketing– In order to provide a better brand experience, marketing agencies are considering the idea of using live video streaming for engaging with their target users. Since videos are more engaging than text based ads, therefore the idea will surely catch momentum in the days to come. Periscope and Meerkat are two such extremely popular apps in this field.

#3 Instagram ads– It is quite true that Instagram has turned into a very flourishing business. People love to share their fun filled and important moments with other users on this platform. Now, the marketing companies are trying to utilize this platform for engaging with their audience. It is believed that the use of Instagram for promoting products or services can be quite effective in this regard.

#4 Wearable gadgets and apps– With the passage of time, more and more people are realizing the importance of staying fit and healthy. This is the reason why the demand for wearable gadgets that help in monitoring our health status is increasing day by day. The apps which are used for this purpose will also experience a rapid rise in terms of popularity, and businesses are looking to cash in this opportunity.

So, those were some of the top digital marketing trends in the year 2017. In addition, there are many more that can be mentioned here. The common element among them is the idea of using this new platform for marketing purpose. So, let’s see how things turn out in the days to come.


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